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Some of us can be mature in our spirituality and not even know it until the Holy Spirit brings it to our attention!
Remember when Peter said: "This second epistle, beloved, I now write unto you; in both which I stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance:"?  (2 Peter 3:1)  He reminded the saints of the teachings from not only the apostles but also the prophets which they had forgotten.

When I was a youngster in school, I did not have the ability to recall mathematical equations and formulas as I would like.  Therefore, when it was time for me to be tested, I had to study extra hard and hope to remember as much as I could.  It was always a special moment when I was asked a question on the test, and I recalled the answer!   But I still had a fear for the unknown questions that might be asked - and I could not recall the answer. 

This is how things are for many Saints today.  After hearing many teachings from bible studies, lectures and sermons for many years, some may still think they cannot recall Christ teachings well enough to walk by God's will.  This is exactly what the enemy wants us to think. 

A child of God has a special privilege (Gift) to recall the teachings of the Word of God in times when we have a special need.  Embedded in each of us, is a pure mind, given to us by God, that can be stirred up, when the need arise

And if you think you have not received adequate teaching of the Scriptures to guide you through difficult situations and times,  know that the Holy Spirit will not only compensate for what we may be lacking, but will remind us that it is not what we know, but Who we know. 

There will be many special moments of needs of all kinds that we all will encounter.  But know beforehand, that when the time comes, you will hear a small voice within you saying "All is well!"  Go in peace!


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Since forming our online ministry in 2011, we've been sending out inspirational messages to the Body of Christ via Twitter.  Literally over one hundred-thousands of Christian followers see our inspirational messages each day 24/7.  

We hope to assist our Christian followers (worldwide) to start, build and maintain a productive online ministry in whatever way the Lord has led you.  We will soon provide you a platform to list your online ministry so that thousands of our Christian followers can see your good work.  We are very excited about this ministry.  We hope you will continue to follow and help us by sharing with your friends as we continue to share our inspirational messages with you to brighten your day.
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Our efforts will INSPIRE you to seek other Christians to lift up in Christ.  We will also provide information that can EQUIP you and your friends to build an impressive "Christian Base of Followers" on Twitter for many years to come!

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