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Christian Associates Network is a ministry that  inspires you to edify the Body of Christ.


Since forming our online ministry in 2011, we've been sending out inspirational messages to the Body of Christ via Twitter.  Literally tens of thousands of Christian followers see our inspirational messages each day 24/7.  

In 2013, we expanded our ministry to Facebook.  More than 1000 "Liked" us and began to follow us in the first two months.  

In every culture, we hear how our young people have become disconnected with their family history and the teachings of moral conduct from the generations of old.  Well, we hope to do something about that!

In 2014, we hope to introduce two NEW ministry programs.  First, a new educational program geared toward high school and college students.  The program is referred to as "Telling the Old Story" project.  We plan to work with high schools and colleges and have each school nominate one boy and one girl to participate in a special project which will pair them with an elder from their community to record their life story.  

The selected students will each be connected with an elder (coordinated through our organization) and given a pre-written set of questions to ask.  The purpose of the questions will be focused on the elder "telling the old stories" of how life was doing their childhoods and looking back at history.

This is designed to help the young students connect with our older generations, and also be educational in nature through understanding how things have changed over time.  The student will then take the "story" and write a paper or make a presentation to their classmates as a extracurricular activity and receive extra credit academically.

Local pastors and churches will play an important part of this program.   More about this project will be posted on this website soon.  We will keep you posted of our progress on this website along with Twitter and Facebook.  

Second, we hope to assist our Christian followers (worldwide) to start, build and maintain a productive online ministry in whatever way the Lord has led you.  We will soon provide you a platform to list your online ministry so that thousands of our Christian followers can see your good.  We are very excited about both of these ministries.  We hope you will continue to follow and support us as we continue to share inspirational messages with you to brighten your day.  

We hope you will participate in our "Join the Movement Campaign" (JTM)  as we continue to bless thousands of Christians (worldwide) each day with edification, awards & recognition.

 efforts will INSPIRE you to seek other Christians to lift up in Christ.  We will also provide information that can EQUIP you and your friends to build an impressive "Christian Base of Followers" on Twitter for many years to come!

Thank you for stopping by!  Our launch website featuring our "Join the Movement Campaign" is now up and running.  If you are interested in engaging in a great ministry, stay in touch and continue to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

(We are a Registered Non-Profit, Christian Networking Ministry incorporated in the State of Washington in 2011.)

Christian Associates Network

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